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Top 5 Ways Commercial Electrical Services Can Help New Orleans Businesses


A good New Orleans Commercial Electrical Service Contractor can help you keep your business running well. Whether you own a restaurant, retail shop, offices, warehouse, fitness center, church, or any other business, you have electrical service needs.

Today, we are no longer running our businesses on paper. Almost everything is handled digitally to some degree. When the power goes down or with an unreliable electrical system, business comes to a halt.

New Orleans Commercial Electrical Services offer you maintenance, upgrades, installation, and more. Here are the top 5 ways they can help your business.

New Orleans Commercial Security Systems

Commercial electrical services offer you security systems for your New Orleans business. A service contractor can make repairs to existing security systems, upgrade, maintain, or install new.

Commercial security systems can include video monitoring, CCTVs, security communications systems, theft protection systems, alarms, and more.

Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades

An older electrical panel could be causing problems for your business both in code compliance inspections and power needs. Old panels can have trouble keeping up with the demands of a commercial business, especially a growing one which adds on more appliances or electrical devices.

Frying out the expensive computer and networking equipment or other necessary equipment or appliances that run your business can be quite detrimental to your bottom line.

A New Orleans commercial electrical service contractor can help you keep your electrical panel up to date. Upgrades should be done every 5 to 7 years or so.

How long has it been since yours has been upgraded? Do you experience breaker trips regularly or have trouble using certain appliances or machines at the same time? Do your lights flicker?

Commercial Rewiring

One of the problems that could be going on for a commercial business is old wiring that causes inconsistent power supply. Faulty wiring could be the issue.

Along with panel upgrades, New Orleans commercial rewiring may need to be done. MK Electric Man can perform an electrical safety inspection to ensure your electrical panel and wiring are up to the latest code requirements.

Commercial Electrical Usage Monitors

New Orleans Commercial power usage monitors allow you to monitor the current electrical usage so you can make changes when needed. This offers you ways to improve energy consumption for reduced utility bills.

A New Orleans Commercial Electrical Service contractor can install the right system for your business. Call the experts at MK Electric Man for all your electrical needs.

Backup Generators For New Orleans Commercial Businesses

Loosing power isn’t something any New Orleans business wants as it can cost the company a days worth of business. A backup generator can seamlessly provide power so your commercial business can continue as usual.

There are many options in commercial backup generators. Ask our expert commercial electrical service contractors what’s best for you.

For Comprehensive New Orleans Commercial Electrical Services, call MK Electric Man at 504-899-5483 or complete our online request form.