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Answering Common Questions About Home Backup Generators

Call an Electrical ExpertJust about every homeowner in New Orleans understands the importance of investing into a generator. Yet, the issue becomes realizing you have multiple options and then trying to decide which one is right for you. At MK Electric Man, we believe in helping locals realize why a whole-house home backup generator is the wise way to go.

Understanding the Benefits

Why is an automatic home backup generator preferred? According to the American Red Cross, this is a safer method to use for your backup power partly because there is much greater risk with portable generators when it comes to Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Plus, a home backup generator kicks in immediately, leaving you without a disruption in power. With portable generators, you still have to wait for conditions to be safe enough to venture outdoors to start a generator up. Keep in mind, there is no need to keep refilling an automatic backup generator with fuel. This type of generator is placed outside, much like an air conditioning unit. When there is a disruption in electrical power, the generator swings into action. You also do not have to be home in order to start up an automatic generator. So, if you should be away, or need to evacuate, you can have peace of mind knowing the generator will turn on. This can make a huge difference with maintaining the temperature in your home and preventing frozen or refrigerated food from spoiling.

Help From the Industry Experts

MK Electric Man is here to help answer any questions that you may have about home backup generators, as well as offer expert installation services. No one wants to lose power, but with a backup system like this, you don't have to. Prepare yourself in the event of a power loss and protect yourself, your loved ones and your home from power losses.

If you are looking for an electrical troubleshooting professional in New Orleans, give us a call today at 504-899-5483 or complete our online request form.